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"So we fight..." said the children of life. "We must live until we die. The worlds our fathers made are the place of our birth... and tombs for our flash.

"Realms of Eternity" is a Multiplayer,  Hack & Slash, Action game with Sandbox elements.

It hosts a dark and terrible, ancient world in a gothic environment. Players fight each other in a close melee-weapon-range combat while solving puzzles with teammates. As the players dive deeper into the Battleground wars, they trigger events that reshape the entire in-game world in real-time.With the reshaping event occurred, the goal of the opposing teams remain the same, but the strategy used to achieve this goal must be changed.The players gather resources during fights and use them to build structures in their faction home city.

every life will



The game aims to provide the player with both easy-to-master and hard-to-master

fighting styles, both of which are available at all times.

 The first style aims to give the user high flexibility and the opportunity to affect multiple

targets through fast animations but at the cost of low damage.

The second style tends to be more realistic, slower to perform and affects only one target. It is very hard to master but rewards very

high damage.

and Every flesh will perish

Environment and


The environment is segmented into two basic types - Order Halls and Battlegrounds.

The Order Hall is "home city" of the players' avatar. This is where players exist between fights,

meet their trainers, learn new spells,

visit the in-game bank, etc. There is one Order Hall per faction.

The Battlegrounds are specially designed areas for hosting mass fights. To win, each team

must follow the rules of this specific

Battleground and solve its puzzles

(which can be a problem when 

the entire enemy team is trying to kill you).

...death will know


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