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ArtForge has successfully formed an international team of professionals, who are currently leading the development of our first game project - Realms of Eternity. I would like to give you a small intro to those team members and tell you more about their skills and contributions.

As the saying goes "Ladies first!", I will start with our 2D character concept artist - Victoria Bocheva. A young girl, who is currently studying at the Bulgarian National Academy of Art in Sofia, she is the first concept artist on the team. Her tool is Photoshop and her passion is creating ugly monsters. You might have seen our character Ksa`ksa - she is guilty for it! On top of that, she is on the road to a leadership position - she wants to become our Art Department Lead.

Next on the list comes Peter Ilchev - another 2D concept artist, but he creates the environment of our Battlegrounds. He is currently studying Game Design at Arc Academy and is very keen on developing his skills and trying new stuff. He is also using Photoshop for his creations.

The next 2D concept artist is Aleksandar Uzunov - currently also an actor, he is not just an artist - he is a calligrapher! He uses Photoshop and Illustrator and he is the one responsible for the content of our story - the Book of Books. Very keen on learning and exploring different styles.

This is so far the Art Department, moving on to the Animations - we have Rafael Scandian all the way from Brazil. The only member on the team, who is alone in his department and waiting for tasks to complete. His tools are Maya and Blender.

And now comes the Sound Department. We have two very different and equally good professionals - Carlos Jimenez and Jean-Alexander Nevskiy.

Carlos was the first composer we recruited and also the first one to have an online interview with! Fun fact - he is a metal-head. He works with us all the way from Chile and his work is created in Presonus Studio One 4. So far he was involved in the creation of theme songs for characters and had just started working on our first album.

Jean-Alexander Nevskiy comes from Russia, currently working on album tracks, just like Carlos. He has experience in different genres and is currently using Logic Pro X as software for his music.

This is it folks - our team. A bunch of nerds, who try to play League of Legends from time to time. We discuss our work and we help each other out. If you think that you might be suitable for this team, you can find more information about our open positions on our Career's page. But don't forget to check out the portfolios of our team - you might become their fan!

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