It has been a long semester, full of exams, assignments and pitch performances in front of a jury, but we have done it! Tomorrow is our graduation from the Founder Institute program. Out of 40 start-ups we are the lucky 9 that will graduate tomorrow night at the Graduation ceremony. There will be journalists, photographers, investors, former participants of the program, etc. They have all received a formal invitation and will be part of the event.

On the other hand, we - the 9 start-ups that are left - have prepared some tasty treats and drinks for the guests. We have invited several people, who have been following our start-ups and have been supporting us, including potential business advisers, friends and family.

Our company decided that we need to go big. So we bought dry ice! Our presentation will be the last one and we will end with a "BOOM". We will bring the Lore - the physical version of the book - the massive over 40 kg wooden covers, plus everything we have prepared inside - the pages and the fur. We want to make a show. It is not just our pitch, but a presentation of what we will do and show our skills as presenters.

So wish us good luck! We will need it! We might even find our investor ...

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