Founder Institute

We have been accepted to one of the most prestigious start-up programs that is organised from the biggest accelerator on the planet - Founder Institute. Being part of such a program will help us develop our business strategy and validate the products we want to create.

It is up to us to demonstrate high potential and dedication towards our project and give everything we've got, in order for us to go til the end of the program. This will require a lot of hard work in the next upcoming months and will give us an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming milestones.

In the program there are several modules that will be covered, including product validation, customer development, marketing strategies and legal aspects, plus a lot more. We will be also able to develop a pitch deck for investors and even perform in front of the network of Founder Institute.

But enough about the program, Founder Institute as I said is the biggest accelerator on the planet. They choose very carefully the start-ups that get a chance to be part of the program. Their network is enormous and once you are in, you have the possibility to explore and expand your own network. They have investors, companies from all kinds of industries, business advisers and mentors. As a member of this society, a start-up can achieve a lot of things. The tricky part here is that there are several exams during the program and if you don't pass, you lose the chance to be part of this network.

So cross your fingers, for ArtForge is about to embark on a journey full of obstacles.

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