Business Advisers

We have finally found them! Our business advisers are the CEO of XS Software and CTO of Scalefocus. Those are companies located in Bulgaria, one of which was pronounced to be the IT company of the year for 2019 and this year Scalefocus grabbed two awards "CEO of the Year" and again "Company of the Year" from Forbes Business Awards 2020.

We have met both representatives of those companies and discussed the project of ArtForge. They have validated our idea and have decided to support us in our journey. They are also part of the network of Founder Institute, which is how we got introduced to one another. During the accelerator program we attended, we made connections with several professionals connected to the game industry. At the end Hristo Tenchev and Viktor Bilyanski decided to help us out. Having them as advisers allows us to ask the tough questions the ones, who have experience in dealing with such questions. We are now able to get help and advise as to how to proceed and what kind of business decision we should make.

We are honored to have such support, because for us their opinion matters. Once they said that our idea is possible - we went all in! We wanted to carry out the project as fast as possible.

Thank you for the support!

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