Knowledge. Knowledge that speaks to those with ears that can listen!

Signs. Signs that show to those with eyes that can see.

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Memories... Order gives birth to Chaos and black mist descended the walls! Every green jewel says "I will be your architect and my stone shall give you form". A fanatic father drew learning from the infinite Chaos with a piercing gaze into the abyss when many chests inhaled life...

The tower erects. The temple rises! It reaches for the heights... for the Heaven that gave birth to the many winds. And in the length of many days, the temple grew higher, so it tore the sky. The ache of the Heaven was great. The temple thought the father of all winds how to cry, so it was rain (of sorrow) upon the land.


... There! On the inside, the dark tower was as if it is on the outside! 


Didn't the dead made a sign that spoke to the living: "You are what we were. We are what you will become!"!? And weren't the living told "...The last breath is sweetest!"!?

High Heavens, where the Eternal Court is... and then judgment! A hammer brights crack onto the solid stone and a cave vomits black darkness, because "Grave men, near death, see with blinded sight!" There lurked Lakomia of Kataa, son of Glad. It would feast upon the sinful flesh and separate the pure soul of the judged from their meat stained with sins. Lakomia would eat the sins themselves… And whatever sins he ate, he obtained. He was judged to carry the weight of every guilt of the flesh-made… to be the depraved, abominable creature that dwells among the screams of the dying… among the piles of purified bones waiting to be buried, for this is Lakomia of Kataa race. 


The Chronicle Fields, the Land of Stone. A dark tower and then there were the slaves of fleshless rock.
Arch'ell,  that breathed life into the stone, enough to give it flesh, consciousness… purpose!

Palach that came into existence as slaves inside Thea-R'all-Su. They would order knowledge. They would store the learnings of their father, withdrawn from the infinite chaos.

Ksa`ksa... The thief among slaves. The murderer among brethren... The one whose thoughts were married to the vanity and in his vanity he took learning from the temple-tower and two of his brothers fell into unbroken death.



So he ran… and ran. And Literati sang of their kin. And the Seventh Chaos never forgot about him!