Technical Co-Founder



  • To do most of the coding

  • To display extreme dedication towards the project

  • To display proactive behavior; Predict and solve problems before they occur

  • To solve already existing problems

  • To work closely with the leads of every department

  • To manage the programming department and everyone in it

  • To be required to get familiar with the business aspect of the project

  • To be working part time on the project before it gets funded and to be required to work full time (may be even overtime) while the company is pitching for funding or when it is funded

  • Others


  • To be the CEO

  • To develop the the basic idea for the project. It already exists and the project is under development.

  • To write the blog and the marketing copy that goes on the site (unless your professional background suggests otherwise)

  • To come up with most of the features of the game

  • To have a spreadsheet with the budget estimates

  • To pay the basic business expenses like printing business cards, web hosting

  • To pitch to investors

  • To be required to be well connected with the target industry, providing introductions to potential customers, journalists and influencers

  • To work full time before the project is funded (but you are strongly encouraged to)

  • To be the "Business guy"

  • To take care of the sales

  • To take of 2D art, 3D art, Rigging, Animation, Game Design, Level Design, Story Writing, Music etc.


  • Can spend 5+ hours a day before fund

  • Can spend 8+ hours a day during and after fund

  • Must be ready (but may not be required) to pay business expenses

  • Must know the industry well

  • 4+ years of experience with Unreal multiplayer games 

  • Can use C++ and Blueprints

  • Can write both server and client-side code for real-time multiplayer games

  • Led project(s) before

  • Has incorporated or managed at least one company. The company still functions or has a successful exit. Alternatively, he/she will have similar experience that will suggest the candidate can handle the responsibilities associated with the position and is familiar with the time/energy commitment starting projects require.


  • Which of the co-founders' absence would severely impact the chances of getting fund: Both

  • Which of the co-founders' absence would severely impact development schedule: Both

  • Which of the co-founders' absence would compromise your launch or initial traction: Both

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